Good, honest Cantonese.

Having been away from home for just over four months now, I am really starting to miss simple and good Chinese food.  There has been absolutely nothing to write about, gastronomically speaking, for the whole time I’ve been here except for a beautiful recipe book from E and two Paleo/Primal cookbooks that I’d ordered off Amazon.  Not that there’s anything to complain about though, because where I am having a 24-hour dining facility that’s clean and stocked with cold milk is honestly quite a luxury.  Plus, we get treated with cookies and cake every lunch and dinner so that ought to please everybody.

But like any good Singaporean, I have been completely spoilt when it comes to food.  I must admit that an unhealthy number of hours have been spent trawling some very well-photographed Singaporean food blogs for dining ideas when I get home.  It’s quite a mental vacation, all that blog-surfing, but for now I’d like to remember how enjoyable my meal at Wo Peng was.

This meal was enjoyed quite a few months back so pardon my vague and possibly erroneous descriptions, but I assure you the use of “good” and “very good” are very accurate.  We started off with the fried fish skin which came with broth that I assumed was for dipping.  I preferred the crunchy skin without the dip.

I had come with the intention of trying the much raved about goose but unfortunately it was not in stock even though I called in advance.  The smoked duck was a pretty good substitute; I seem to recall a light tea fragrance but don’t bet your penny on this.  In fact all thanks to my hazy memory, my descriptions from this point onwards will probably rely heavily on “good”, “very good” and “yummy” so I might as well just let the pictures do the talking.

We all loved the springy sea cucumbers.
My personal favourite of the night – name-of-fish and bitter gourd.  Very well done.  My dad loved it as well.

The much-anticipated pig trotters mee hoon.  I was stuffed by the time this dish arrived (I think it was the eighth) but it was packed with so much flavour that I had to make space.  Some said it was on the salty side but I thought it was just right.

The other dishes of vegetables, egg yolk prawns, fish, and desserts were all very satisfying.  There isn’t much of an ambiance to speak of over here but it’s the food that I came for.  This is one heck of a place for well-executed and unpretentious Cantonese fare.